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nott - futuristic telescope - since the beginning, humankind stares into the night sky looking for clues, answers, future, or gods. for many centuries night and stars were dancing with each other surrounded by mystery. nott is a way to learn their steps, a mechanical eye based on a dystopian earth. the structure of the telescope has been divided into 3 main parts which are connected with each other via interior elevators and exterior technical ladders:
- base structure - the base has been predicted as a huge hangar for transport services and the technical area of the whole structure. it is equipped with six round transit gates and modular technical devices. it has an outdoor terrace which is available via exterior ladders.
- research center - middle part of the structure where scientists have their headquarters and labs. it has a direct connection with a telescope’s arm.
- mobile arm - is the tallest part of the structure. the arm is connected to the nott via a mechanical shoulder. thanks to ‚m-s’, the arm is fully mobile and able to focus and calibrate on any part of the night sky. telescope is equipped with one big main lens and four smaller ones.
the nott telescope has been fully covered with white/yellow facade panels mounted to steel structure beneath. there is a specific order of the main structures which goes from the widest to the tallest, reassuring stability for the telescope.

every object or mesh used in the model was created by jakub pietryszyn. no external assets were used.

echoes of the future is a mini-series presenting the futuristic design of industrial facilities on a dystopian earth. mankind is a well-known species designed and shaped for exploration and conquer. Despite the damage we do to our home, earth, our lust for the unknown pushes us further and further. mini-series consists of 5 speculative concept projects, focused on industrial/scientific relations between mankind and earth.